FUT 21 – Omar Al Somah Featured Squad Battle

FUT 21 Omar Al Somah Featured Squad Battle includes items such as Maldini, Gullit, Courtois, Nelson Semedo, Saint-Maximin, Mendy, and Kante.

FUT 21 has a new Featured Squad Battle challenge. This week’s guest is Omar Al Somah. He comes from Syria and he currently plays for the Saudi club Al Ahli. His performance during the 2016 Saudi League helped his team win the cup. It was their first win in 32 years. He started playing as a youth for Al Futowa. In 2008, he joined the senior team and he was with them for three years. Between 2011 and 2014, he played for Al Qadsia. Since 2012, he is a member of the national Syrian team. His FUT 21 FSB has some great cards. Let’s see Omar’s choices!

Omar Al Somah FUT 21 FSB

The two Icon cards in Omar’s selection are Maldini and Gullit. Maldini has 95 OVR with the center back position. His card comes with 88 pacing, 57 shooting, 77 passing, 71 dribbling, 98 defending, and 87 physical.

Gullit is the other Icon in this FSB. The card is a center forward with 94 OVR and 88 pacing, 95 shooting, 92 passing, 91 dribbling, 83 defending, and 92 physical. Moving on to the present players, we have Courtois defending Omar’s net. This 90 OVR goalkeeper has 86 diving, 90 handling, 75 kicking, 90 reflexes, 47 speed, and 86 positioning.

 Nelson Semedo is part of the team too. This player has 92 pacing, 57 shooting, 69 passing, 82 dribbling, 77 defending, and 76 physical. The OVR is 83 and the position is right back.

Saint-Maximin is a center forward with 85 OVR and 97 pacing, 77 shooting, 80 passing, 92 dribbling, 30 defending, and 70 physical.

Mendy comes to strengthen the team as a left back with 86 OVR. The attributes are 87 pacing, 82 dribbling, 61 shooting, 83 defending, 84 passing, and 83 physical.

Pogba has a left midfielder card with 80 pacing, 90 dribbling, 88 shooting, 72 defending, 90 passing, and 89 physical. Kante is part of the squad too. His center defending midfielder card has 91 OVR with these stats: 81 pacing, 84 dribbling, 72 shooting, 89 defending, 80 passing, and 87 physical.

Varane, Salah, and Mbappe complete Omar Al Somah’s squad. Varane is a 90 center back with 86 pacing, 72 dribbling, 53 shooting, 91 defending, 72 passing, and 86 physical. Salah has a card with 97 pacing, 94 dribbling, 92 shooting, 49 defending, 89 passing, and 81 physical. Mbappe’s striker card has 99 pacing, 98 dribbling, 96 shooting, 50 defending, 89 passing, and 87 physical.

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