Linkedin Followers App No Longer a Mystery

So, my suggestion is to reach out to as many people as possible within the boundaries of reason. Please make sure they’re active and relevant first. To see the best of them, take a look at our list. UGC Posts that aren’t included in the list of elements could be assumed to have zero counts for all statistics. Elements that have ugcPost fields are a record of each UGC Post. Create a brand new UGC Post or retrieve an existing UGC Post to get one. You can either create a new company share or pull an existing share to obtain one. You can buy LinkedIn article likes and then spend some money to bring more people to your profile.

Lifetime share statistics won’t be retrieved if you don’t specify a time interval parameter. Share statistics that are time-bound Time-bound share statistics can be retrieved by specifying the time interval parameter. To get the most benefit from the LinkedIn Chrome Extension, you must log in to your LinkedIn account via your browser. Don’t here divulge any information about your email address to allow other important users to access your treatment group. Don’t be concerned about duplicate content issues or the possible impact on organic search rankings if you choose to pursue the strategy of repurposing content. If not, you may need to reconsider the content you share a frequency, frequency, or how you’re advertising your LinkedIn Company Page. 26. Page analytics can assist you in making informed choices regarding your content strategy.

The most important thing to remember is that a career page on LinkedIn lets you find candidates compatible with your company’s values and culture. Are you able to use this page? This proves that you can think independently and have a thorough analysis. Elements with share fields show the shares that are requested. Shares that aren’t listed in the list of elements may be assumed to have zero counts for all statistics. The list of elements does not include shares that haven’t been acted on or made impressions. The API provides aggregate stats for an organization’s share. The organizationalEntityShareStatistics endpoint returns share data only within the past 12 months, using a rolling 12-month window. Comments for a share that match your LinkedIn feed. In certain cases, the like count and comment count fields values may not align with the numbers displayed alongside the share in the LinkedIn feed.