The Intermediate Guide to Vanilla visa Gift Card

Summer is finally approaching and here at online is the best prepared selection of products to spend a summer on film. Whatever you do in summer, there are the perfect gifts: for travelers, kitchens, those who do not get out of the water or spend the summer looking to entertain children.

Gifts for the most travelers

Customizable notebook for your trip

Write down everything you want to see, plan your trip and write down everything you see and live on your vacation, do not forget any detail and you will have a precious memory for a lifetime. You can add a vanilla card which a brilliant option indeed to opt for, and mastercard gift card balance with, a nice one to choose for the travellers.

Custom world map

Perfect for all the trips those friends make so “restless ass”. A map that you can customize, paint, write, put stickers on.

Custom travel kit

This elegant leather travel kit, made up of a luggage tag and a passport, is perfect for your friends and family, more travelers, who unpack and pack at the same time.

Travel pillow

The definitive travel pillow, yes, it is already known that you have one and you don’t use it, but that’s because you still don’t know this one. It is a foam pillow that adapts perfectly to your neck. In addition, it can be stored folded in its cover.

Custom Knife

An ideal gift for adventurous people, who spend the summer climbing mountains, doing mountain sports, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Glasses that keep drinks cold

Original, modern, elegant and very practical, some glasses that keep drinks cold so as not to depend on ice this summer.

Cotton tote bag

The summer bag, to go for a walk, shopping, to work, to the pool or to the beach. Choose your favorite model and color and personalize with your name, initial, text. What’s cool?

Personalized thermos bottle 24 bottles

The perfect bottles for summer, since they keep your drinks at the ideal temperature, perfect for carrying water or your favorite cool drink. Choose color and customize.

Anti-theft beach tanner

An original and practical gift, the boat is used to store your belongings and hide your wallet, keys or mobile on the beach.

Chalkboard Book for Little Artists

Gifts to entertain the little ones in the house this summer, for example on trips. This whiteboard book is super comfortable because you can take it wherever you want.

Highchair to go on a trip

Another ideal gift for parents traveling with young children, a travel high chair that you can keep in a little bag and always carry when needed.

Lekue funny ice cream molds

The healthiest and fun ice creams to enjoy the summer to the fullest with the little ones. With these molds you can make ice cream at home with fun shapes.